GENESYS provides customised computer and technology services at various levels. You can always depend on us for on-call services, help desk support and scheduled maintenance visits. Working with GENESYS means saving on the cost of an entire IT department with guaranteed efficiency and expertise.

Our services in a nutshell:
  • Computer & Technical Support
    GENESYS offers backend support for your IT infrastructure, helping you out with issues pertaining to your technology and other technical issues.
  • Data Security
    Data security requires properly implemented solutions that will keep your information secure. From the physical security of your equipment (like data centres) to the education of your employees, GENESYS can provide a total solution to any of your data security needs.
  • Internet & Email Services
    GENESYS has the means and capabilities to host your website and email locally—saving you the trouble of setting up your own servers.
  • On-site Computer Staffing
    If you would like to have IT support at your location, GENESYS can provide a competent and experienced professional to man a post for the length of time you require.
  • Networking
    GENESYS can configure your organisation's firewalls and routers for maximum security. We will customise your network such that you are allowed the access you need while your virtual assets are protected from prying eyes. GENESYS can also set up VPNs to allow connections from satellite offices or from your sales team on the road.
  • System Design/Implementation
    GENESYS has the experience and expertise to smoothly and cost-effectively execute your IT system design. After designing your customised IT system, we will implement it seamlessly, integrating the system into your business operations.
  • Server Hardware/Software
    GENESYS works with many hardware manufacturers for the most appropriate server hardware and software solution for you simply because servers and applications are the crux of your IT infrastructure.
  • EndPoint Protection
    GENESYS believes that viruses, malware & ransomeware should not be on your system in the first place. We work hard on comprehensive solutions that keep viruses and spyware off your systems and out of your network.
  • Website Development and Managed Hosting
    With our premier web and marketing partners, GENESYS can provide web development and hosting services.
  • Wireless Networking
    Wireless Networking can be leveraged as a value-added service for your customers. GENESYS can provide wireless network for your customers, employees or both. Rest assured your data will be kept safe because when it comes to wireless deployments, security is on the top of our agenda.